BeautyCon 2024

Watsons Exclusive Event

March 22, 2024

 BeautyCon space.

I was alone here, so i asked one of the staff if he could take a pic with me , Thanks kuya !

Hauled !

Daming budol and Daming free merch !!

Naturals !

Of course one of my fave brand lalo mga sa hair tonic!

A Friend !

saw my friend at the event even more fun i enjoyed the con, thank you for the freebies !


Wag ka , i asked someone also to take videos here of me, Thanks mga Ate !

Love the aesth!

wanted one but a lot of people in the line.

My Budol and Freebies

Dami ko nauwi, and a lot of paper bag haha ! Thank you Watsons !

Made a short reel from the event