Loving yours, Luna

August 7, 2023

Finding love can be tough. It's like being a moon looking for its sun, not knowing where to go or who to find. It's not easy to find the right person. Sometimes, love can be risky. You might meet someone who's dealing with their own stuff and end up passing that pain on to others without meaning to. It's important to think about how we affect others as we go through the ups and downs of love. Life is full of good and bad people, and it can be confusing, making it hard for some to trust.

listen up. Imagine butterflies flying in the deep, dark abyss, cotton candy being served at a funeral, tears rolling down the cheeks of someone who's smiling, roses with sharp thorns, unicorns showing up in your nightmares, and a rainbow appearing over a grave. Weird, right?—Finding love these days feels like walking in a never-ending maze. Have you ever felt like you keep coming back to the same spot, no matter which way you turn? Finding love these days is like being in a confusing maze, it feels like you're just going around in circles.

Establishing trust is a crucial aspect of interpersonal relationships, particularly during challenging times. However, personal experiences with trauma bonds have made it difficult for me to comprehend the true nature of genuine love. I am still in the process of gaining a deeper understanding of this concept.

I am seeking a profound and genuine connection, as well as authentic love. I am confident that I will attain these once I have a thorough understanding of myself.Please don't take any advice from me, as it might confuse you. 

Loving yours, Luna