Cage-Free,Go Cruel Free

October 09,2023

Nesting is one of the most important natural behaviors of egg-laying hens. How is it different in a cage-free environment?

The primary difference between a caged and non-caged environment for egg-laying hens is the availability of nesting spaces. A cage-free hen has adequate access to specific nesting spaces to lay eggs privately and comfortably. Being one of the most important natural behaviors, giving hens the ideal nesting space is best as they lay eggs almost daily.

i choose cage-free eggs !

mahilig ka ba sa itlog? (lol)

with my friend and also an animal advocate Marty Tabug

with the actress Ms. Sharmaine Arnaiz and Chef Michelle Adrillana

Ayala mall event stage

It was an egg-citing Sunday, last October 8, at Ayala Trinoma for AKF's Eggspectacular Food Fair celebrating World Egg Day!

From delicious egg-based dishes to celebrity games and chef magic, everyone had a blast!

Let's make the world egg-ceptional by going cage-free.