Saving Myself , Did i survive?

April 04, 2024

Or let's just say how i literally survive the day.

#Depression #Anxiety #BPD #PTSD #Survivalmode #JairaMakino

It's not easy to struggles and fights Inner Demons, they will never leave you, yung akala mong wala na sila doon ka nagkakamali, one moment na you let them eat you-- only an inch of chances there is no escape,akala mong healed ka na pero nadidistract ka lang pala the only savior u need is Yourself; no one can help you but you, yourself .

 People experience severe Depression and Anxiety is the Strongest person u will ever meet they handle it well, they know how to carry it, too good to let other people think na they're just fine, no one will ever notice no one will never know how you are hurting deep inside. 

how u want to stop it but u can't do anything just to let it eat you, emotional and affects you physically

So, did i survive? if were talking about in general i survived because i am still alive, i am very observant nagpapakabusy na lang there are times na nilalagyan ko na lang ng touch of optimistic when i feel it's coming back. i isolate myself and let it out, and having someone to talk about it is a must. dont feel embarrassed to share. Because again no one will help but Yourself - Jaira Makino